Disparition d'Isak Avramov

28-11-1946 - 13-11-2020 


The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and the International Scientific Community in the field of glass science lost one of his most prominent and respectful members, one of those with no traditional thinking and with original ideas.

Professor Avramov graduated with honors the Faculty of Chemistry of the Sofia University in 1969. Then he was appointed Ph. D. student, Researcher, Associated Professor and since 2003 Professor at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, IPC–BAS.

During his scientific career he has carried out numerous specializations and visits in France, Germany, USA, Russia and Australia. Prof. Dr. I. Avramov was Leader of the Department of Amorphous Materials at IPC–BAS for years, where he practically created and fully equipped a laboratory for thermal analysis. He was as well Chair of the Bulgarian Committee of ICG. He was author of more than 150 highly cited publications, 4 book chapters and 4 patents.

Professor Avramov has managed several National and International scientific projects. Among which Copernicus, Intercony, NATO for Peace etc.

The main scientific contributions of Isak Avramov are strongly connected to the theory of viscous flow in glass forming systems. However, he also actively worked in the fields of non-isothermal kinetics of phase formation, relaxation and structure of various glass-ceramic materials.

We are always going to keep the memory of Isak as a honest friend with a curious and entertaining imagination and scientist possessing profound and original knowledge.

Rest in peace.

From his friends at the Department of Amorphous Materials