Postdoctoral Position at Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (Université de Bordeaux-UMR5255)

Bio-selective surfaces on optical glasses for the mid-IR domain


· Context and activities:

There is a crucial need in developing new generation of chemical and bio-sensors. This need corresponds to a rising societal requirement in term of health, security and safety. Optical techniques could be the most sensitive and selective for chemical analysis while mid-infrared (mid-IR) fingerprint absorption spectroscopy is poised to unlock the potential for detection of chemical species, toxic gazes or bacterial cells. Among optical materials, chalcogenide glasses (ChG) are well known for their transparency in the mid-IR and they have been largely studied for the design of optical components or devices. Aiming multi-spectral analysis for bio-chemical detection, ChG would be the best optical platform but breakthroughs are needed to provide the required chemical selectivity. In this context, the main idea of this research project is to develop electro-active bio-selective surfaces on optical glasses for the mid-IR domain.

This project proposes a real multifunctional approach: optical, electrical and chemical which relies on (i) a thermoelectrical imprinting process to manage surface electrical potential and (ii) surface chemistry protocols for biofunctionalization on a glassy surface. The study will be carried out from the synthesis of chalcogenide glass compositions towards their electro-selective bio-functionalization, and characterized using adapted spectroscopic and near field characterization techniques.


· Expertise:

The candidate must have a PhD either in the field of inorganic chemistry or in surface chemistry. Some skills in characterization by spectroscopic methods will be much appreciated.


· Working environment:

The Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM) brings together a community of organic chemists and physical chemists interested in molecular structures, and working on their creation, synthesis, characterization, reactivity and analysis in various environments.


· General information:

Contract duration: 12 months

Expected starting date: March-April , 2019

Percentage of work: Full time, Junior postdoctoral position (<3 years professional experience)

Net salary: ~2100 €

Required education: Ph.D.


· To apply:

To apply, please send an email outlining your motivation and experience, including a CV and the names of at least two references.

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