Ecole thématique "Structural Role of Elements in Glasses from Classical Concept to a Reflexion over broad Composition Range" - Cargèse, 27-31 Mars 2017


Les interventions



General concepts on glass forming rules, L. Cormier
Structure - PropertiesD. Neuville
Glass networks and Diffraction X, L. Cormier
Glass networks and Vibrational methods, D. De Ligny
Glass networks and NMR, P. Florian
Glass networks and Absorption X, G. Calas

Structure - Composition properties, T. Rouxel



Invert Glasses and Aluminate Glasses, L. Hennet

Borate Glasses, G. Lelong

Mixed network formers, borosilicates and aluminosilicates glasses, T. Charpentier

Phosphates and Vanadates glasses, F. Munoz & L. Montagne

Metallic glasses, L. Greer

Chalcogenide glasses: structure vs. compositions, A. Pradel

Chalcogenide glasses: properties vs. structure, B. Bureau

Chalcogenide glasses: properties vs. structure, E. Byschkov

Organic glasses, C. Alba Simionesco

Hybrid glasses, N. Greaves

Borates, Silicates and Tellurites glasses, A. Hannon

Oxygen speciation in glasses, G. Henderson

Tellurite glasses, P. Thomas



Introduction of modelisation methods for glasses, B. Guillot

Numerical simulation and rigidity of glasses, M. Micoulaut 1 & 2