Atelier "Gases and bubbles in molten glasses: from chemical engineering to geosciences" - Paris, 20 mai 2016


Les interventions


Eruptive processes in volcanoes: The key role of bubbles in driving eruptions - Sylvie Vergniolle - IPGP

Gas bubbling modeling in vitrification processes - Emilien Sauvage - CEA

Formation and evolution of bubbles in ascending magmas: decompression experiments in the systems rhyolite-H2O and basalt-H2O - Didier Laporte - Université Blaise Pascal, IRD

Helium behavior in nuclear glasses: effects of radiation on diffusion and solubilization mechanisms - Sylvain Peuget - CEA

Production of light weight foam glass - Rasmus R. Petersen -Université de Manchester

Rare gases adsorption in silica glass at high-pressure - Marie Foret - LCC - Montpellier

Mass transfer and chemical reactions around bubbles in molten glass - Eric Climent - IMFT - Toulouse


Bubble nucleation and foaming in glass melts - Jaroslav Klouzek - Academie des Sciences de République Tchèque


Molecular dynamics approach to volatiles incorporation into silicate melts - Nicolas Sator - LPTMC - Paris

Analyzing noble gases in single vesicles in oceanic basalts: constraints on the mantle source composition and magma degassing processes - Manuel Moreira - IPGP

Solubilities of volatiles in the C-O-H-S system and redox exchanges in silicate melts - Fabrice Gaillard - ISTO - Orléans

The bubble bursting acoustic signature - Adrien Buissonière - Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert - UPMC


Nucleation and growth of bubbles during glass culet melting - Damien Boloré - SGR